Guidelines and Resources

Guidelines and Resources

Moodle Guidelines

Bilkent University uses Moodle as course management system for asynchronous online interaction. There is a seperate Moodle server for each semester which are integrated with Bilkent University STARS System.

Bilkent University Moodle Services (Centrum) page provides links to current and past Moodle sites as well as Moodle Tutorials

Zoom Guidelines

Bilkent University uses Zoom as video conferencing tool for synchronous online interaction. OnlineTutorials about the use of Zoom at Bilkent can be found from the Zoom @ Bilkent Website. Here you can find

Graphic Tablet for Screen Writing

Many instructors are using graphic tablets while interacting with their students in their online courses via Zoom. The graphic tablet and Screenwriting guideline here includes information about

  • How to setup and use the graphic tablets
  • Screen writing software such as
    • Xournal, MS Office Ink Tools, Zoom Annotation Tools, MS OneNote, Krita, …
  • Some apps for mobil devices for similar uses
    • NoteShelf, Inkredible, Bamboo Paper, ...

You can also see the recording of a seminar about these settings from here.

Guidelines about Online Instruction

  • Flipped Learning
    • What is Flipped Learning?
    • Designing a Flipped Class Lesson
  • Best Practices of some Bilkent Instructors
    • Use of Real Blackboards
    • WhatsApp and Google Docs
    • Pinterest and Moodle
    • Multiple Tools for Effective Online Classes
    • Online Senior Project
    • Collaborating with Students for an Improved Online Course
  • Recordings from Past Workshop and Events
    • Wacom Graphic Tablet and Screenwriting Applications
    • Getting Started with Google Drive for Collaborative Work
    • A Digital Toolbox: Edpuzzle
    • Zoom Poll and Breakout Rooms
    • A Student Response System: Socrative
    • Moodle Tools Q&A Forum and Quiz
    • Moodle Tools: Glossary and Games

External Resources: Tools or Methods