BETS is a volunteer group that supports the use of technology for education at Bilkent University. BETS team got together in the 2007-2008 academic year and since then the team has been delivering training and consultancy activities including workshops on different Internet applications for better learning, Moodle use, online workshops and 3-4 week courses delivered to administrative and academic departments, as well as providing continuous help and support.

Our team members are below:

Hidayet Doğan
System Admin
Zeynep Kireççi
PREP Moodle Admin
Dr. Can Kültür
Moodle Admin
Şule Şenel
PREP Moodle Admin
Yan Trefor Overfield Shaw
Moodle Admin

Friends of BETS

Ayşen Sayan
English Language Preparatory Program

We will always remember you…

Hossein Dabir
Friend of BETS
Dr. David Davenport
Moodle Admin

Past BETS Members

Ceylan Kızılduman Yazıcı
Lori Russel Dağ
Robin Turner
Moodle Admin
C. Uğur Ayfer
Technical Manager
Reyyan Ayfer
Unit Manager
Eser Sahillioğlu
System Admin
H. Ali Akyol
Technical Assistant