Reminders for Moodle use for New Semesters

Dear Faculty,

As Bilkent Educational Technology Support Unit (BETS) we would like to wish you a fruitful semester. We have a few reminders about Moodle at the start of the semester:

You can find the guides for the following Moodle functions:

1. How to open a Moodle course from AIRS
2. How students automatically enroll in your Moodle course
3. How to move old Moodle course content into a new Moodle course
4. How to create and give right to TA accounts for your Moodle course
5. How to request combined classes (meta course)

A few key points to remember:

1. Please remember to go to the Administration block. Under Course settings, “Availability” section please choose “This course is available to students” to make the course visible.

2. If you combined your courses/sections under a meta course, make sure you put your content in your meta course only.

3. This semester we have new language options (de, fr, it, ru, es, ja). You can set the language from the Administration block, Course settings according to your needs.

4. “News and Announcements” Forum is a special one-directional type of forum where only the instructor can send messages to students. Students cannot reply. If you want a discussion forum, you need to create them one from “Add an activity” part in the relevant week/topic.

Best regards,

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